Monsters of Hammer PART 2

In our last episode Mindy and I covered the history of Hammer Film Productions and their evolution from B-movie studio to champions of cult horror. We followed Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee’s beginning’s in their groundbreaking roles as Victor Frankenstein & his creature, and Van Helsing & Dracula. In part two of the monsters of Hammer two we’ll be rounding out with 1958’s The Revenge of Frankenstein, 1959’s The Mummy, 1960’s The Brides of Dracula, and finally Oliver Reed’s Curse of the Werewolf from 1961.

Intercut will be moments from a conversation with Mindy’s dad, Mark Learnard who was a guest on our Universal Monsters installment (which was episode 2), and in our Real Life Horror episode spoke about his background as a probation officer dealing with sex offenders and the darker elements of society.

The Monsters of Hammer: Part 1

This week we are covering the HAMMER wave of horror movies that reinvigorated the classic monsters. The Curse of Frankenstein, and Horror of Dracula breathed new life into a waning studio, and inspired a new generation of filmmakers. In PART 1, we go into some studio history, and dig on Peter Cushing & Christopher Lee as they join Terence Fisher in remaking classics.