Horror on the Radiowaves!

"Horror, on line 2. You're on." Mindy & Darren take to the airwaves to bring you horror! It turns out some genre favorites revolve around the radio dial. Pontypool (2008), The Booth (2005), Welcome to Nightvale podcast, and John Carpenter's The Fog. And also, welcome W-DIX's own D-Bag & the Minge.

Lunch Hour Reviews Circle, Hush & 3 Seconds

We took our mics and recorder out for some fresh air. Recording outdoors to talk the sci-fi horror Circle, then Mike Flanagan's new Netflix film Hush, and we have an interview with Alex J. Mann, the writer/director of the Snapchat movie 3 Seconds. Also we cover the details of @SaveHorror's March Madness challenge between some podcasting colleagues. Check out Miskatonic Musings + The Girls in the Back Row + Women in Caskets.

The Flys!

We compare and contrast two classic sci-fi horror film adaptations: The Fly from 1958, starring Vincent Price, and David Cronenberg's 1986 body horror classic with Jeff Goldblum & Gina Davis.

Green Room!

Jeremy Saulnier's hardcore punk survival story Green Room is an impressive work. Honest and brutal, perfectly plotted, the scares and shocking moments are concussively impactful. Green Room is out Friday, April 15th in New York, and LA and nationwide April 29th. Check it out, see it with friends.