Herschell Gordon Lewis: Splatter and Schlock

Darren and Mindy bring in "Little Sister" director and Herschell Gordon Lewis expert/fanatic, Zach Clark to talk all things HGL. We discuss the Godfather of Gore's most popular films, focusing on 1963's "Blood Feast", 1964's "Two Thousand Maniacs!", 1965's "Color Me Blood Red", and ending with the 1970 great "The Wizard of Gore"!

Films of the New French Extremity!

From The Women in Caskets podcast, Jen & Dawn join us to talk about Films of the New French Extremity with Alexandra West (who wrote the book!). We discuss perhaps the most challenging modern genre of horror, and explore mixed feelings about the breakout High Tension (2003), and 2008's Martyrs. #WiHM

Check out Alex West's writing, and her book FILMS OF THE NEW FRENCH EXTREMITY, and her show with Andrea Subissati, The Faculty of Horror.

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